Additional Requirements (On Stage)

- 3 Small Towels

- Bottled Water

Additional Requests (Back Stage)

- Lots of beer. Preferably Old Speckled Hen or Boddingtons. If that’s too dificult, any shitty cheap lager will do.

- 1 Bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and 1 Bottle of Fernet Branca

- Assorted Mixers (Mexican Coke / 7-UP / Redbull)

- Vegetarian friendly snacks. We like snacks. We like candy. We’ll fall in love if you bring us a cheese pizza and some sour patch kids.

Note: 15 minutes set up time is needed from when stage is clear of previous act. House PA system should be no less than 2 X 800 watt mains with 1,500 watt Subs.

Sound engineer is required. But only to turn the volume up to 11.
We have our own sub mix on stage: Questions? Please email info@fartbarf.com at least 7 days in advance.

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